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The Quick Start guide explains how to install ZCB and configure your first backup.

User Guide

The User Guide contains special backup requirements and detailed technical information.



How can I delete old backup data from cloud?

You can configure ZCB to automatically delete old backup data by configuring suitable retention policies. However, if you wish to manually delete data which has not expired as per the retention policy, please see How to delete backup data from disk or cloud.

Is ZCB HIPAA compliant?

ZCB supports various requirements to comply with HIPAA regulations when it is properly configured and is implemented as part of a fully HIPAA compliant solution.

Can I backup data from a mapped network drive?

Yes. ZCB supports backing up mapped drives provided the shares are accessible by amandabackup user. ZCB supports both Windows and SMB shares mapped as drives. Backup of NTFS encrypted files on mapped network drive will fail with Access Denied error. Please see How to use external or mapped network drives with ZCB.

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