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All ZCB operations run as the amandabackup user. The amandabackup user must have sufficient access to Microsoft SQL Server in order to take backups.

Granting access

The Windows amandabackup user must be added as a SQL Server user with the sysadmin role.

Granting access from within ZCB

  1. Open ZCB and create a backup set for your Microsoft SQL Server
  2. Below the list of databases, there is a button labeled "Allow Access".
    1. Screenshot
  3. Click the Allow Access button to grant access to the amandabackup user.
  4. A green checkmark will appear with the words "Access granted" if successful. 


If an "Access Denied" error appears, please check the following:

  • Be sure to launch ZCB as a user who is a sysadmin for the Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Grant access manually via the SQL Management Studio (see below).

Granting access via the SQL Management Studio

  1. Open your SQL Management Studio
  2. Click on Security > Logins > Add New Login.
  3. Add the amandabackup user account.
  4. Add amandabackup to the sysadmin role.

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