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Complete Recovery of a Windows 7 system

This article demonstrates how Zmanda Cloud Backup (ZCB) can be used to perform complete recovery of a system running Windows 7.

Create backup sets and take backups

You need to install ZCB on the Win 7 system. Once installed, configure your backups as follows:

  1. Create a File System backup set to back up the Boot drive & System drive. 
    1. In our example, the C:\ drive is both the boot & system drive. 
      1. Back up the entire C:\ to ensure that all application installation directories, all application data, User data, Start Menu items, Shortcuts, etc are included in the backup.
  2. Complete configuration of your backup set, including storage locations. 
  3. Create a backup for System State. This backup set will back up all system files, boot files, registry data, etc.
  4. Complete configuration of your backup set, including storage locations. 
  5. Run a Full Backup to disk for both backup sets.

Perform Windows Recovery

Recovery starts from a new installation of Windows.

  • Install the original version of Windows with the same Service Pack as the system on which the backups were taken.
  • Make sure that the new server has the exact same drive partitions, Filesystem (such as NTFS), and Windows installation directory as the original machine.
  • The computer name can be the same as the original or a different one.
  • Do not join any domain or Workgroup.

Restore Backup Catalogs

Once Windows is installed, system recovery can begin. The first step is to install ZCB and restore backup catalogs.

  1. Install ZCB on the machine.
  2. Click on Tools > Restore Catalog
    1. The Restore Catalog operation will bring back any existing backup sets and provide access to the backup data. 
    2. Restore Catalogs from the local directories if possible. Local restores are always faster than cloud restores, as there is no need to download anything.
    3. The Restore Catalog process for the current version of ZCB is outlined in the User Guide available at Help > User Guide, or at
  3. Click OK to begin the Restore Catalog process.
    1. This process may take time to finish depending on how many backup runs are found.
  4. Once ZCB has Restored the Backup Catalog, it will ask you to restart the user interface. Close ZCB and re-open it.
  5. The backup set(s) that match the restored catalogs will appear on the left side of the program.
  6. Repeat the above steps for each backup set if it did not appear. 

Restore File System and System State

The last step in the Recovery phase is to perform an actual restore of the data.

  1. Restore the data from the File System backup set.
    1. Go to the Restore page and select Restore All
    2. Ensure that the Restore Location is set to to Original Location and the Restore Policy is set to Overwrite existing. These are the default settings. 
    3. Click on the Restore button.
  2. After the File System restore is complete, repeat the process for the System State backup set.
    1. Do not run the results simultaneously. Do not restore System State first.
  3. The restore process may take a long time. Once the System State restore is completed successfully, ZCB will ask you to reboot the machine.

  4. Reboot the machine. You should find the system in the pre-disaster state.

Examples and Screenshots

The example screenshots were taken with ZCB 4.12. The basic process is the same for any version of the product. 

Create backup sets and take backups

File System Backup Set

System State Backup Set

All backups complete

Perform Windows Recovery

Installing Windows

Windows Installation Complete

System Restore: Restore Catalog

Restore Catalogs from Local Disk

Restore Catalog Complete

System Restore: Restore File System and System State

Choose "Restore All" for both File System and
System State.

Choose "Original Location and "Overwrite Existing"
for both File System and System State.

A restore in progress

Before and After:

 Original SystemNew System Before RecoveryNew System After Recovery

Installed Programs