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When taking a backup to disk, it fails with the error Disk Full.

What's going on?

Backups require enough free space to hold them. If there is not enough space, the backup will fail.


To resolve this error, perform one or more of the following actions.

Create more free space

Create more free space on the drive by removing unnecessary files, applications, or backups,

Choose a different backup location

You can save your backups to a different location with more free space.

  1. Open ZCB
  2. Find the Disk Storage field under Set your backup location on the main Backup configuration page.
  3. Change the location to another drive with more space.

Check the type of file system on the backup disk.

If your chosen backup location is formatted in the FAT32 file system, any backup larger than 4GB will fail. FAT32 drives cannot accept files larger than 4GB.

You must choose a different backup location or reformat the drive to another file system that supports larger files, such as NTFS.