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When uploading a backup, it fails with the error Storage Quota Exceeded.

Internally, this error is logged as ZIB_CLOUD_QUOTA_EXCEEDED

What's going on?

When a backup is being prepared for upload, ZCB checks to see if there is enough space on the cloud to store the backup.

If there is not enough space, the upload will fail with Storage Quota Exceeded.

For example, if your backup is 80GB, and you have less than 80GB of free space on the cloud, the upload will fail.


Purchase more storage

More storage can be purchased by clicking on the Cloud menu, followed by Buy More Storage.

Delete backups to free up some space

Backups can be deleted in many ways. Please see How to delete backup data from disk or cloud.


Quotas update periodically throughout the day. After you delete data, it may take up to four hours before you are able to upload again.


Uninstalling ZCB will not delete your data from the cloud or local disk. During uninstallation, you will be warned that data will not be removed