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  • ZCBService will not start
  • The following error is logged in ZCBSrvLog.txt
    • 17424:14168:20/10/2012:01:49:3:215::Failed to bind to port 10085 
    • 17424:14168:20/10/2012:01:49:3:215::bind() error 0 
    • 17424:14168:20/10/2012:01:49:3:215::Fail to start server !!!
  • Note: The timestamp on the error will vary.

What's going on?

The ZCBService requires the use of TCP port 10085. If this port is in use, the service cannot start.


Determine what process is using port 10085

Open a command prompt and run the command:

netstat -ab

Review the output to determine which process is using port 10085. Once you determine the process, you have two options:

Option 1: Change the port used by the process

  1. Open the application that owns the process that is using port 10085.
  2. If possible, direct the application to use another port. A restart of the application or of the machine may be required. This will vary depending on the application in question.
  3. Once port 10085 is free, start the ZCBService manually from the Windows Services panel.

Option 2: Change the port used by ZCBService

  1. Open the registry editor.
  2. Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Zmanda\ZIB\
  3. Create a new DWORD registry key named ZCBPort.
  4. Assign a free TCP port to the ZCBPort registry key.
  5. Start the ZCBService manually from the Windows Services panel.