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In rare cases, the Zmanda Cloud Backup user interface (UI) will not launch. This makes it difficult to troubleshoot the issue, as most support options are contained within the UI.

In such circumstances, additional steps must be taken to collect the log files.

Collect ZCB log files

The standard ZCB log collection tool can be launched from the Start Menu.

Click on Start > Programs > Zmanda > ZCB Support to launch the log collection tool.

Be sure to update your support representative after the logs have been uploaded. If you do not have a support case, please open one. Log into and click on the Support tab.

Collect the Java Stack Trace

In some cases, more information may be required. The UI is based on Java, and it is possible to collect a Java stack trace. This information can be used to diagnose the problem that is preventing the ZCB UI from launching properly.

  1. Click this link to download zcbconsole.bat.
  2. Run this file by double-clicking it.
  3. The ZCB UI will attempt to launch.
  4. Let this run for a couple of minutes.
  5. Open task manager and kill the javaw.exe process if it is running.
  6. Locate a file named zcbconsole.log in your ZCB Installation Directory.
    1. By default, the default ZCB installation directory is
      1. For 32-bit machines: C:\Program Files\Zmanda\Zmanda Cloud Backup\
      2. For 64-bit machines: C:\Program Files\Zmanda\Zmanda Cloud Backup(x64)\
  7. Send zcbconsole.log to your support representative