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How to reactivate ZCB after credit card expiration


  • You have purchased ZCB with Amazon S3 storage
  • Your credit card expired or was otherwise unable to be charged for your monthly bill
  • You received an email from Amazon informing you of your invalid credit card
  • You received an email from Zmanda about your canceled account

What's going on?

Every month, Amazon charges your credit card for the amount of your bill. If the charge fails, a warning email is sent to the account on file. If no action is taken, Amazon cancels the account for non-payment.

You must reactivate your account as soon as possible to avoid deletion of your data. Amazon begins deletion of data shortly after an account is canceled, usually within days.


  1. Please login to your Zmanda Network account at

  2. Open the following link in a new tab without closing the tab from #1.

  • Please make sure that your credit card information is current by clicking the "change" button under "Payment Method" at the top.

  • Please reactivate the subscription as soon as possible so that your data is not deleted.