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  • You have a large backup to upload on a computer with a very slow internet connection.
  • You have access to another computer that have a fast internet connection.

What's going on?

If you have a different computer that has a better internet connection (in your home network, different office network or your IT provider’s office) you can upload the backup data from that computer.


You can upload the backup data of one computer (say C1) from a different computer (say C2) that does have better internet connection. Here are the steps:

  1. Backup computer C1 to an external disk (or a network drive) using “backup to both disk and cloud” operation.
  2. After the "Backup to Disk" is complete, allow the "Upload from Disk" operation to begin.
  3. Cancel the "Upload from Disk" when it begins.
  4. Take the external disk to the computer C2. Make sure that the USB drive is assigned the same drive letter as on C1. (Use Windows Disk Management to assign the change the drive letter, in case a different drive letter has been assigned on C2.) Open ZCB on this machine and go to Tools > Restore Catalog. 
  5. In the Restore Catalog window, choose the Restore Catalog from Local Directory radio button and put * in the Host Name field:


  6. Once this operation is complete, you will see the backup set that was originally created on computer C1. 
  7. Choose this backup set.
  8. Click on the File Menu, and select Activate Backup Set.
  9. Save your backup set.
    1. You must select at least one file or folder under Backup What in order to save your backup set. 
  10. Go to Report page and select the backup run.
  11. Right click on it and click Begin Upload option. The backup data belonging to computer C1 will begin to upload.
  12. Once the upload is complete, go back to ZCB on the original computer C1.
  13. Right click on the paused row for Upload to Cloud and select the Verify Backup Data option.
  14. Bingo! ZCB should discover your successful upload from a different machine and the backup run will marked as successful on computer C1.

 If you used the above method to upload a full backup, you can begin doing incremental/differential backups normally on computer C1.