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  • After a restore, you get a warning:
    • Failed to restore <number of> files. Check <ZCB Install Folder>\Debug\RestoreErrors.txt
      • The <number of> files may vary
      • The <ZCB Install Folder> is the location in which ZCB was installed.

What's going on?

One or more files could not be restored. The RestoreErrors.txt file will display which files could not be restored and the reason.

One common failure involves shortcut folders. Shortcut folders that were originally located on a mapped drive cannot be restored to a local drive. The error in RestoreErrors.txt would appear as follows.

5196:3012:24/6/2012:19:55:7:160::Failed to create a file \\?\C:\ProgramData\Zmanda\Zmanda Cloud Backup\Restore_Folder\amanda ( - Shortcut.lnk\

5196:3012:24/6/2012:19:55:7:160::The file exists.

5196:5256:24/6/2012:19:55:10:252::Failed to restore file \\?\UNC\\shared\amanda ( - Shortcut.lnk\


Use the information in RestoreErrors.txt to determine the files that could not be restored and the cause.

If you still need assistance, please open a support case via the Zmanda Network.