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Backup an Oracle Server

An Oracle Server is a database application sold and supported by Oracle.


Oracle Server backups have the following properties:

  • The Oracle database, Control File, Server Parameter file, all table spaces, and Archived logs are backed up. 
  • All backup files & archived logs from the Flash Recovery Area are also included in the backup. 
  • The online redo logs will not be included in the backup.
  • Individual databases, log files, control files, etc cannot be selected for backup.

Backup Levels

Oracle Server backups support Full, Differential, and Incremental backups.


The following requirements must be met for Oracle Server backups to function.

  • The Oracle VSS Writer service must be installed for the Oracle instances that need to be backed up. 
    • The Oracle VSS Writer is provided by Oracle and is not part of a default Windows server.
    • If the Oracle VSS Writer service is not installed, please refer to the Oracle documentation
  • The Oracle VSS Writer service must be started.
  • The Oracle VSS Writer service must be set to Automatic start.
  • The Volume Shadow Copy Service must be started.
  • All Oracle databases in NOARCHIVELOG mode must be Mounted and in Read-Only state. 
    • The database cannot be Open in Read Write mode. If it is, the backup will fail.
    • A backup may contain multiple databases. If one database is in Read-Only state and the others are in Read-Write state, the backup for all databases will fail.
  • Oracle databases in ARCHIVELOG mode may be Open in Read Write or in Mounted state.
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