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Restore Requirements

 The following requirements must be met for all restores, whether to the original machine or to an alternate machine.

  • The amandabackup user must have full access to the folder where the backups are stored. 
    • For cloud backups, this is the chosen Download Folder.
    • For local backups, this is the folder where the backups are stored on disk. 
  • Likewise, the amandabackup user must have full access to the folder(s) to which the backups are being restored.

Additional requirements for all restores to an alternate machine

Backups can be restored from one machine to another. Restores to an alternate machine are most frequently performed for testing purposes or as a part of disaster recovery scenario where the original machine is no longer accessible.

When restoring to another machine, the following steps must be performed before the restore can begin.

  • Install ZCB on the new machine.
  • Import the cloud certificate.
  • Restore Catalogs

Additional requirements for application restores

Restores to an alternate machine of applications or databases, such as Hyper-V or Microsoft SQL Server, frequently have additional requirements that must be met. Please refer to the restore section that corresponds to the application or database for more information about application restores.

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