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Restore a Microsoft Sharepoint Server

ZCB can be used for content recovery, web application recovery, and disaster recovery of Microsoft Sharepoint. Restores can be performed to the original system or an alternate system.

Additional Requirements

There are additional requirements for all Sharepoint restores.

Requirements for all Sharepoint restore to the original machine

  • All Sharepoint databases must be in the Normal state prior to restore. 
    • State can be verified from the SQL Management Studio. The Properties menu for each database will display its current state. 
  • The following services must be started
    • Windows Sharepoint VSS Writer
    • Windows Sharepoint Services Tracing
    • The applicable OSearch and SPSearch VSS Writer services must be enabled. The name of the controlling service depends on the version of Sharepoint installed. Examples below:
      • For Sharepoint 2010
        • The SPSearch VSS Writer is controlled by the SharePoint Foundation Search V4 service
        • The OSearch VSS Writer is controlled by the SharePoint Server Search 14 service
      • For Sharepoint 2007
        • The SPSearch VSS Writer is controlled by the Windows SharePoint Services Search service
        • The OSearch VSS Writer is controlled by the Office SharePoint Server Search service

Requirements for Sharepoint restore to an alternate machine

  • The new machine must run the same version of Sharepoint, with the same Service Packs, and the same embedded SQL Server as the original machine.
  • The hostname of the new machine must be exactly the same as the original machine.
  • The instance name must exactly match the instance name from the original server.
  • Sharepoint must be installed to the same location on disk as when the backup was run.
  • All databases and log file locations must also match the original configuration.

Restore To

Sharepoint databases can be restored to their original location or to an alternate location.

Please note that ZCB does not support Roll-forward restore for Sharepoint. If a restore is targeted to the original location, any changes made to the database after the backup was taken will be lost.

Restore To: Original location

The following occurs during a restore to the Original location. 

  • The following SharePoint services are stopped before the restore begins:
    • Windows SharePoint Services Administration 
    • Windows SharePoint Services Search
    • Windows SharePoint Services Timer
    • Office SharePoint Server Search
    • IS Admin Service
  • The selected SharePoint database(s) and log files are restored to their original location. 
    • Index search files will be restored, if all databases and logs within the backup are selected for restore,
    • Individual content databases can be selected for restore, but index search files will not be restored.
  • ZCB calls the SharePoint VSS writer which automatically detaches and then reattaches each database to the farm.
  • The services which were stopped before the restore operation are restarted.

Restore To: Alternate location

No services are stopped or started before a restore to an alternate location. Nor are the databases automatically attached.

Instead, the databases and log files are simply restored to disk in the given location. Please import them manually into Sharepoint.

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