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Zmanda Cloud Backup 4.9 is now available for download.

Please click on Help > Check for Updates or log into your account at to download the new installation files.

Upgrade instructions can be found below. Click here to jump straight to the upgrade section.

Release Notes

 Current Release Notes

What's new in ZCB 4.9? (January 6th, 2014)


  • Fixed bug where the amandabackup user password could fail validation when re-installing ZCB on a domain.
  • When using the Send Logs function, uploads no longer fail with error code 310512131.
  • Changing the log level via Help > Change Log Level will change the number of logs files generated, to help prevent overwriting of necessary information at higher log levels.
  • Fixed bug that could cause schedules to be overwritten when upgrading from ZCB 4.7.


  • Fixed bug where pausing a Backup to Cloud could corrupt the central directory information of the backup archive, causing partial restores to fail.


  • Optimized deletion of multiple backup runs
  • During upgrade from ZCB 4.7 and earlier, the old database dumps will be compressed to save space.


  • Clarified how the Purge All Backup Runs Before... function works.
 Release notes for earlier versions

What's new in ZCB 4.8? (December 10th, 2013)


  • AES 256-bit encryption has been renamed to Private Key Encryption
  • Automatic encryption option added for ZCB-Google
  • Improved behavior and warnings when local backups fail due to expired subscription
  • Improved messaging for Microsoft SQL Server restore options
  • Microsoft SQL Server restores to an alternate location no longer force the original database into single-user mode
  • Improved failure behavior when unsupported multi-server Sharepoint farms are detected
  • New default values for MySQL backup sets


  • Support for authenticated proxy servers: 
  • Limited the creation of automatic retry schedules
  • Exchange 2003 and 2007 now support selective restore of individual Public Folder Databases and Mailbox Databases


  • Performance improvement during selective restore of File Systems
  • Backend database upgrade from MySQL to MariaDB
  • Faster automatic retries for interrupted uploads and downloads
  • Fixed bug where uploads to Amazon S3 would time out randomly

What's new in ZCB 4.7? (October 1st, 2013)


  • Many improvements during initial setup. These improvements include:
    • Better workflow for the import of cloud certificates
    • Better workflow for reporting of prerequisites for Exchange backups.
    • Better error messages when Exchange backup prerequisites are not installed.
  • The Exchange VSS Writer will be enabled automatically on Windows Server 2003 machines.
    • A manual restart of the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is still required. ZCB will prompt you to restart it.
  • The Sharepoint VSS Writer is now enabled and registered automatically.
  • New, improved log collection dialogue with automatic upload capabilities


  • Added support for REFS file system backups.
  • PFX Certificate-based encryption has been discontinued.
    • Users will be warned of the need to switch to AES encryption.
    • PFX-encrypted backups can still be decrypted and restored.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Backups are now VDI-based instead of VSS-based.
  • It is now possible to restore Microsoft SQL Server backups to another machine.


  • Tweaks and improvements to the general workflow.

What's new in ZCB 4.6? (July 26th, 2013)

An updated ZCB 4.6 installer was released on July 26th to address the following issue. It is recommended that you upgrade if you are affected.


  • Fixed a bug that caused backups to not be purged if Secure Transfer was enabled.

What's new in ZCB 4.6? (July 1st, 2013)


  • Significant changes to the Scheduling and Retention settings:
    • Scheduling and Retention are now presented together in Backup When.
    • New Schedule Templates make for easier setup and configuration.
      • Schedule Templates include offsets to help prevent overlapping backups.
    • New "cycle-based" retention option allows users to retain a certain number of full backups. Excess backups will be removed once new ones complete.
      • The pre-existing "time-based" retention option still exists; however, there have been changes in how these options are displayed in the UI.
        • Different time-based retention options can be set for each backup level (Full vs Differential vs Incremental). This replaces the "Override retention for this schedule" option that previously existed.
  • Significant performance improvements for restores from local backups, especially for backups housed on a network drive.
  • The "simple recovery mode" warning for MS-SQL databases is less intrusive.
  • Better default settings to allow easier installation and configuration.
  • New "allow access" button for Microsoft SQL Server backup sets will grant the required permissions without the need to load the SQL Management Studio.
  • Cloud certificates are no longer required to have a specific name, such as "cloud.zmanda" or "s3.zmanda".


  • Support for Sharepoint 2013
  • Ability to restore Microsoft SQL databases to an alternate location on the same server.
  • Ability to restore Microsoft SQL databases with a different database name on the same server.
  • If a Full Backup fails because another backup is in progress, ZCB will retry the Full Backup 50 minutes later. 
  • Better error messages if prerequisites are not present on the server.
  • New "confirm password" dialogue when creating encryption keys using AES Passphrase encryption.
  • Users may now change the amandabackup user password within the program if the previous password is unknown.


  • During installation, the amandabackup user can be created as a domain user or as a local user.
  • Prerequisites, such as Java, .NET, and Powershell, are presented more clearly.
  • Hyperlinks to prerequisites have been updated.


  • Fixed a bug in Spanish ZCB that broke import of cloud certificates.

Critical Update: Released April 26th, 2013

This update to ZCB 4.5 is critical and should be installed at the earliest opportunity.

Bug fixes include:

  • ZCB products now work with Java 7, Update 21 and higher
  • Fixed a rare condition in which backups to a network location would fail with "unable to create archives"
  • Fixed a condition where uploads to the cloud would fail and could not be resumed.

What's new in ZCB 4.5?


  • Easier setup, with new and improved error messages during backup set creation when requirements are not met
  • Improved and simplified requirements for Microsoft Exchange Server backups
  • Faster, smaller Differential backups for Microsoft SQL Server
  • Encryption setup has been simplified and clarified
  • Data can now be deleted directly from the ZCB Global Dashboard


  • Support for Exchange 2013
  • Support for Hyper-V
  • Incremental (Transaction Log) backups for Microsoft SQL Server
    • Incremental(Log) backups allow restore to any point-in-time, even between backups. 


  • More help links to more topics within the UI
  • Improvements to the Help Center

What's new in ZCB 4.4?


  • Performance improvements for Backup to Disk
  • Improved reporting for files that were not backed up on the Monitor/Report pages


  • Support for Win 8 and Server 2012
  • New ZCB-Amazon endpoint: Sydney, Australia
  • Various updates to the User Interface.
  • Ability to create Decryption keys at time of restore
  • Numerous bug fixes.


  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause log file uploads to report as successful when it was not successful.


  • Spanish language support (beta)

What's new in ZCB 4.3?


  • Simplified permissions allow for easier setup of mapped drives and PFX-certificate encryption.
  • New optional AES-256 passphrase-based encryption.
  • Improved handling of connection loss (local and/or network) during backups involving mapped drives.
  • Improved handling of files/folders that have been moved, renamed, or deleted.
  • New "Locate a Backed Up File" option on the Restore page.
  • Easier filtering for backed up files on the Restore page.


  • Laptop-friendly features, including
    • Wake the system to run this task option for scheduled backups.
    • Improved, automatic resume of interrupted uploads to the cloud.
  • New advanced options menu under Preferences > Advanced.
  • New Verify Backup Data option on the Report page.
  • New Change Retention Period option on the Report page allows users to alter the retention for existing backups.
  • Restore Catalog now allows users to import backup catalogs from local backups.
  • Various updates to the User Interface.
  • Numerous bug fixes.


  • The all-new Help Center allows easy access to help topics and documentation.
  • Help links now included in select areas of the User Interface.


  • Italian language support.
  • Portuguese language support (beta).
  • Thai language support (beta).

What's new in ZCB 4.2?

As compared to the previous 4.0.x releases, ZCB 4.2 version includes support for backup and recovery of Oracle databases, time based bandwidth throttling, significant performance improvements in downloads from the cloud and other features.


  • Improved retention policy implementation to allow better backup data protection
  • Support for new Amazon S3 locations in addition to existing locations –  US West (Oregon) and Brazil
  • Time based bandwidth throttling
  • Different retention policy for each backup schedule
  • Support for Oracle Databases
  • Bulk deployment of Zmanda Cloud Backup to multiple machines


  • User friendly email notification functionality
  • Monitoring and Reporting across backup sets


  • Faster downloads in case of selective recovery


  • Korean support

New User Installation

 Click for New User installation instructions

ZCB Installation

  • Download the Zmanda Cloud Backup software and the cloud certificate file from the Zmanda Network.
  • Download the appropriate file for your environment.
    • 32-bit systems require the 32-bit version of ZCB.
    • 64-bit systems require the 64-bit version of ZCB.
  • Please make sure that all system requirements are met.
  • Run the installer .exe file. It will extract the archive contents and run setup.exe automatically.
  • After the installation is complete, you may begin using Zmanda Cloud Backup.
  • Import your cloud certificate by clicking on Cloud > Import Cloud Certificate.
  • Documentation is available in the ZCB Help Center.
    • New users should begin by reading the Quick Start guide.

Upgrading from version 4.3 or newer

Direct upgrade is simple.

 Click for upgrade instructions

Upgrading from ZCB 4.3 and higher

All upgrades from ZCB 4.3 to 4.7  to 4.8 or higher may take longer than expected due to the upgrades to the ZCB backend databases. Please do not cancel or interrupt the upgrade process.


  • Download the Zmanda Cloud Backup software and the cloud certificate file from the Zmanda Network.
  • Download the appropriate file for your environment.
    • 32-bit systems require the 32-bit version of ZCB.
    • 64-bit systems require the 64-bit version of ZCB.
  • Please make sure that all system requirements are met.
  • Run the installer .exe file. It will extract the archive contents and run setup.exe automatically.
  • Choose "Yes" when the installer runs and offers the option to upgrade ZCB.
  • Documentation is available in the ZCB Help Center.
    • New users should begin by reading the Quick Start guide.

If you experience any strange behavior or failures while performing a direct upgrade, please uninstall and reinstall as shown in the "Updating from older versions" sections below.

Upgrading from ZCB version 4.2 or older.

Direct upgrade from ZCB version 4.2 or older is not supported. You must uninstall ZCB and re-install ZCB 4.9.

Backup configuration can be saved during uninstall so that backups do not need to be configured again.

 Click for upgrade instructions

To upgrade:

  1. Uninstall the old Zmanda Cloud Backup product.
  2. If you have existing backup sets, you will be asked if you wish to proceed. Say "yes".
  3. You will then be asked if you wish to preserve configuration information. Again, say "yes".
    This option will preserve backup sets, backup history, and all other configuration information so that no setup is required when ZCB is reinstalled.
  4. Uninstall will now proceed.
  5. Re-install Zmanda Cloud Backup as shown in the "New User" section above.

Upgrading from 3.0.x or earlier

Direct upgrades from versions 3.0.x or earlier to version 4.5 are not possible. Uninstall the old version of ZCB completely before installing the latest ZCB.