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  1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers and connect to a writable Domain Controller. 
  2. Create a new user named amandabackup
  3. Grant the following roles to the new amandabackup user.
    1. Domain Administrators
    2. Builtin\Backup Operators
    3. Builtin\Administrators
    4. Domain Administrators
    5. Builtin\Users

It is only necessary to create the domain amandabackup user once on any given domain. Once created, any subsequent ZCB installation on any machine, including Read-Only Domain Controllers, will detect the domain amandabackup user and prompt for the password.

Thus, if ZCB needs to be installed on multiple Read-Only Domain Controllers in a single domain, Step 1 only needs to be performed once. All subsequent RODC installs can begin with step #2.