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External drives and network mapped drives can be used with ZCB for storage of backup data.

Also, ZCB can take backups of data on an external or network mapped drive, including a Linux machine using SMB or NFS shares.

External drives

You can use external drives just like your local drives. No configuration is needed.

Mapped drives and the amandabackup user

Most ZCB functions are performed by the amandabackup user.  Backups of mapped drives are no different; amandabackup must exist on the remote machine and should have sufficient permissions to access the mapped drive remotely.

Please see What is the amandabackup user? for more details about amandabackup.

Create amandabackup on the remote network machine

If your machine is not part of a Windows Domain

  • Create the amandabackup user on the network machine.
  • The password for this amandabackup user must match that of the amandabackup user on the ZCB machine.
  • Give amandabackup administrator permissions.

If your machine is part of a Windows Domain

By default, amandabackup is created as a local user. To access network shares in a domain, amandabackup must be a domain user. Once you do this, future installations of ZCB on the network will use this domain user.

  • See How to make amandabackup a domain user on the Domain Controller.
  • Also, you must start the ZWCService and ZCBService as the DOMAIN/amandabackup user.
    1. Go to the Windows Control Panel > Administrator Tools > Services
    2. Locate the ZWCService.
    3. Right click ZWCService and choose Properties...
    4. Select Log On or User. The exact option may change depending on your Windows version.
    5. Set the ZWCService to log on as the DOMAIN/amandabackup user.
    6. Repeat these steps for the ZCBService

Map the network drive

Map the drive on ZCB machine with the credentials of amandabackup user:

  • On your desktop, right-click My Computer and then click Map Network Drive.
  • When the Map Network Drive window appears, enter \\<IP address>\<folder name> in the Folder field. Also choose a drive letter.
  • Provide the credentials of amandabackup user.
  • Click Finish to complete the process.
  • Double-click on My Computer. The drive you mapped will be shown.

Limitations for backups of data stored on mapped network drives

ZCB uses the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) snapshots to perform backups of locked, in-use, and system files. However, VSS is only available for use on local drives.

Network drives will not be backed up using VSS. Locked, in-use, and system files will not be backed up. A warning will appear on the ZCB Report page if any files are skipped during the backup.

An exact listing of skipped files will be in the <ZCB Install Directory>\Debug\BackupErrors*.txt files.

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