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Users of Pay-As-You-Go ZCB have two storage options available - the Standard S3 storage or S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS).

RRS is a good choice for most backup needs because it offers adequate robustness (the advertised durability is 99.99%) for most backup needs at a much lower cost than Standard S3 storage.

By default, ZCB uses RRS. Our pricing page reflects this default setting.

If you use ZCB for archival purpose (that is, if you delete the original copy of data after backup), or if you are backing up data that needs higher redundancy levels, you can reconfigure ZCB to use Standard S3 storage instead of RRS. Please refer to this article for all the differences between Standard S3 and RRS.

Users who choose standard S3 storage will be charged at an increased rate for data stored on the cloud.

Pricing Information

For Standard S3 storage, the cost for storage is $0.20 per gigabyte per month. Users who upload to the EU region will be charged $0.25 per gigabyte per month.

The increased rates apply to storage only. Transfer fees remain the same.

Users who choose to remain with the default RRS setting will be charged the rates advertised on our pricing page.

How to switch to Standard S3 storage


Changing this setting has no effect on past backups. Existing data on the cloud will continue to be stored using the setting chosen when the backup was uploaded.

For ZCB version 4.3 and newer

  1. Go to the Preferences > Advanced menu option.
  2. Disable the Use Amazon S3 RRS checkbox located under General.

For ZCB version 4.2 and older

  1. Open Windows explorer and navigate to:
    1. C:\Program Files\Zmanda\Zmanda Cloud Backup\zcb\conf
      1. For any machine running a Windows version older than Windows Vista
    2. C:\ProgramData\Zmanda\Zmanda Cloud Backup\zcb\conf
      1. For any machine running a Windows version equal to or newer than Windows Vista
  2. Double click on the backup set and open zcb.conf.
  3. Locate the flag use-rrs=1
  4. Change it to use-rrs=0
  5. Save and close the zcb.conf file.


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