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In most circumstances, ZCB will upload the logs automatically when Help > Send Logs is clicked. Please see Collecting ZCB logs for troubleshooting.

However, in some cases, automatic upload is not possible or fails. Zmanda provides a customer-facing FTP server for such cases.

Please connect using the following credentials.

You may use the built-in Windows functionality or the FTP client of your choice.


For example, in Windows Explorer you can enter: and then enter the password at the prompt.

Notes on usage:

  1. The contents of the anonymous-upload directory cannot be listed, even after a successful file upload.  The support team will let you know if your file didn't arrive as expected.

  2. The anonymous-upload account does not allow the creation of directories.  Please upload the log archive created as part of the Send Logs process.

    1. The files can be found in one of the following locations:
      1. For Windows XP and 2003, log archives will be in the \misc\ folder in your ZCB installation directory.
      2. For Windows Vista, 2008, and higher, log archives will be in C:\ProgramData\Zmanda\Zmanda Cloud Backup(x64)\misc\.

You must notify Support once your upload has been completed. Support is not notified automatically.

If you experience any problems while uploading data to the FTP server, please email

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