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  • You are restoring data from a local backup.
  • It takes much longer than expected.

What's going on?



ZCB can check the consistency of the backup archive before it extracts your data for restore , through using what is known as a CRC check. This ensures that the backup archive has not become corrupted and that your data will be intact after restoration. However, this

This process can take a long time, depending on the size of the archive.

It is possible to skip the CRC check for local backups by changing a Windows Registry setting. Please see the Resolution heading below.

It is not possible to skip CRC checks for cloud backups, by design. Data that is transferred over the internet is more prone to corruption than data that is sitting unused on a local disk.


Archive checking can be disabled on the Restore page.

, and is off by default in ZCB 4.12 or later.

Enable archive checks.

Archive checking can be enabled on the Restore page in the Edit your restore settings field. Click the Edit button to make changes and place a checkmark in the box next to Perform archive verification.