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ZCB supports full and log level incremental backups of Exchange. You can restore an individual mail database.

However, ZCB doesn't support brick level backup of Exchange at the individual mailbox level.

This doesn't stop you from having a capability of brick level restores with ZCB. A lot of our users do this by relying on ZCB for the mailstore level continuity and using the native exchange tools for recovering brick level items when needed.

  1. When you delete a mailbox accidentally, Exchange doesn't delete the actual data until the retention period expires. The default retention period is 30 days. So if you need to recover the mailbox within this time window, you can simply restore it from Exchange yourself.
    1. For Exchange 2003, please see:
    2. For Exchange 2007, please see:
    3. For Exchange 2010, please see:
    4. For Exchange 2013, please see:
  2. If you are an Outlook user, you can easily recover the deleted items (such as folders, emails etc.) by using the "Recover Deleted Items" option in Outlook.
    1. For Outlook 2003, please see:
    2. For Outlook 2007, please see:
    3. For Outlook 2010, please see:

A combination of ZCB and native tools allows you to recover both brick-level and full/block-level items. 

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