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  • All Sharepoint databases must be in the Normal state prior to restore. 
    • Stability State can be verified from the SQL Management Studio. The Properties menu for each database will display its current state. 
  • The following services must be started
    • Windows Sharepoint VSS Writer
    • Windows Sharepoint Services Tracing
    • The applicable OSearch and SPSearch VSS Writer services must be enabled. The name of the controlling service depends on the version of Sharepoint installed. Examples below:
      • For Sharepoint 2010
        • The SPSearch VSS Writer is controlled by the SharePoint Foundation Search V4 service
        • The OSearch VSS Writer is controlled by the SharePoint Server Search 14 service
      • For Sharepoint 2007
        • The SPSearch VSS Writer is controlled by the Windows SharePoint Services Search service
        • The OSearch VSS Writer is controlled by the Office SharePoint Server Search service


Please note that ZCB does not support Roll-forward restore for Sharepoint. If a restore is targeted to the original location, any changes made to the database after the backup was taken will be lost.

Restore To: Original location

The following occurs during a restore to the Original location. 

  • The following SharePoint services are stopped before the restore begins:
    • Windows SharePoint Services Administration 
    • Windows SharePoint Services Search
    • Windows SharePoint Services Timer
    • Office SharePoint Server Search
    • IS Admin Service
  • The selected SharePoint database(s) and log files are restored to their original location. 
    • Index search files will be restored, if all databases and logs within the backup are selected for restore,
    • Individual content databases can be selected for restore, but index search files will not be restored.
  • ZCB calls the SharePoint VSS writer which automatically detaches and then reattaches each database to the farm.
  • The services which were stopped before the restore operation are restarted.

Restore To: Alternate location

No services are stopped or started before a restore to an alternate location. Nor are the databases automatically attached.