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Microsoft SQL Server restores have many additional requirements, including some requirements unique to specific Restore Locations.

Requirements for all database restores

  • Do not run backup and restore operations of a MS-SQL backup simultaneously.
  • SQL 2005 restores of system databases, such as model, master, and msdb, will fail if other applications are actively connected to the MS-SQL server. Please disable any SQL query analyzers, the MS- SQL Management Studio, and other such programs before performing a restore of system databases.
  • The SQL Server VSS Writer service must be running at the time of backup and recovery. Microsoft recommends that the SQL VSS Writer service be automatically started. MSDE writer is not sufficient for backup and recovery.
  • The amandabackup user must have access to the SQL server. To grant access:
    • Click the "Allow Access" button on the Backup page of any Microsoft SQL backup set, or
    • Add the user in SQL server Management Studio. Click on Security > Logins > Add New Login. Add the amandabackup user account, and add it to the sysadmin server role.
  • The log-on user for the SQL Server service must have full permissions to the folder that was chosen for restore.
    • Locate this information in Services.msc. The user will be listed as the log-on user for the SQL Server service that matches the instance(s) that are to be restored.
  • System databases, such as model, master, and msdb, should be restored separately from user databases.
    • Restore system databases first.

Requirements for restore to an alternate machine

The Restore a Copy of Database to Original or New Location and Restore to a New Location and Overwrite Original Database options, discussed below, may both be used to restore to an alternate machine.