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The original Cryptolocker targets Office documents, pictures, and other files that are typically associated with content and not necessarily those required to run various programs and applications. For example, infected users can still load Microsoft Word, but they cannot open their Word documents.

No antivirus product (or any other product, for that matter) will be able to decrypt your files once they are encrypted.

Once your files are encrypted, your options are very limited. The encrypted files cannot be decrypted without Cryptolocker. Re-infecting yourself doesn't give you a new timer. If you don't pay, your files are permanently locked.


  1. Visit the Restore page
  2. Select a Backup Run Restore Point from a date and time from before you were infected.
  3. By default, all files will be selected for restore. 
    1. Use the Filter and/or Search file/folder by name options if you wish the Restore Select to restore just some files.
    Choose whether you wish to restore to the original location, or to an alternate location of your choice.
    2. Use the Search option to restore a single file or folder.
  4. Review your restore settings. Here you can choose where the files will be restored, what will happen if the file already exists, and more.
  5. Click Restore, and confirm your choices when asked to do so.

This screenshot will help guide your choices. Click to expand.

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Once the restore has been started, simply sit back and wait. ZCB will restore your files, unencrypted, just as they were, before you were infected! You can be back up and running in a short time, without paying a ransom, and with minimal interruption.