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ZCB version 4.6 introduces a new type of retention: one based upon the number of successful full backups.

This change is intended to make retention easier to understand and backup management easierThe default retention option keeps a certain number of full backups and any associated dependent (incremental or differential) backups. Each new full backup begins a new "Backup Cycle".

Time-based retention is still also available. Please see What about time-based retentionHow can I keep backups for a specific amount of time? below.

How does it work?

ZCB will now track how many successful full backups have been performed for a given backup set. When a new full backup completes, any excess full backups and their dependents will be removed within 24 hours. T

The number of full backups to retain is configurable, with no upper limit. Special retention values for "forever" and "delete after upload" are also available. See below. 


The user has chosen to retain 2 full backups.

  • When the first full backup completes, no backups are purged.
  • When the second full backup completes, no backups are purged.
  • When After the third full backup completes, the first full backup and any of its dependent backups (see below) backup cycle will be purged within 24 hours.
    • Enough space, on disk and/or on the cloud, must exist for the third full backup to complete before the first full backup can cycle will be purged.

By default, backups are purged once per day, at midnight. This time is configurable from the Advanced menu under Preferences.


The ability to "delete after upload" still exists for local backups. Change the number of full backups cycles to retain to -1.



How can I keep backups for a specific amount of time?

The ability to retain backups for a given amount of time remains intactexists. Simply click Click the radio Edit button next to the heading "Time period to retain backups for". Then choose how long you wish to retain your backups. in the Retention settings section. Then choose Time Retained instead of Number of Cycles.

New options will appear. Backups can be retained for any number of days, weeks, months, years. Special retention values of "forever" and "delete after upload" are also available.