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Your backup sets may include files from an encrypted volume or files that are individually encrypted. No special action is required to include these encrypted items in your backups and to restore them to the same computer.

However, if the copy of the EFS private key that is located on the original computer is lost, you will need to use the recovery agent's private key to recover data.

Keeping your EFS key safe

You must export and keep the EFS key at a safe place.

  • Export EFS private key using the instruction in this Microsoft Article.
  • We recommend that you back up the file to a disk or to a removable media device, and then store the backup in a location where you can confirm the physical security of the backup.


Regardless of the encryption method you choose, Zmanda does not store your encryption keys or certificates in its application software or web servers. If you enable encryption, you are responsible for safe and secure storage of all certificate keys and certificates. If you lose a key or certificate, neither you nor Zmanda will be able to decrypt your encrypted backup data.