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You purchased pay-as-you-go ZCB (for Amazon S3), but see one or more of the following issues:

  • The Downloads page for your Zmanda Network account is not visible, and/or
  • The Downloads page on your Zmanda Network account has no downloads, and/or
  • Your cloud certificate is either not available or not working, and/or
  • You received an email from Amazon regarding payment verification errors, and/or
  • You have experienced any other issue with accessing ZCB product downloads after your purchase.

What's going on?

The pay-as-you-go ZCB (for Amazon S3) purchase process requires that Amazon verify your payment before ZCB downloads will appear on your Zmanda Network account.

Occasionally, Amazon takes a long time (up to 15 minutes) to finish this verification.

Once verified, a link between Amazon and the Zmanda Network will be created. If verification fails, or if the link cannot be created, one or more of the symptoms described above may occur.


Please wait for about 15 minutes. If the problem persists, most likely Amazon was unable to verify your payment. Check your inbox for an email from Amazon Payments ( notifying you about the failed payment. This email may have been filtered as spam, so do check the Spam folders.

In most cases, payment authorization failures are caused by erroneous information input during the purchase process.


Pay close attention to your billing address. Many credit cards will fail authorization if the billing address at AWS does not match the billing address on file with the credit card itself.

If you have waited for more than 15 minutes and have not received any email from Amazon regarding failed payment, please follow the instructions below.

Re-initiate the Verification Process

  1. Log in to your Zmanda Network account.
  2. In another browser tab, go to this URL:
  3. Log in to your Amazon account.
  4. Since you have already purchased ZCB, you will be redirected back to the Zmanda Network.
  5. After verification is successful, you will be able to download ZCB images and the cloud certificate.
  6. If the downloads still do not appear, move on to the next step.

Manually Activate ZCB with the Activation Key

  1. Go to -
  2. Log in using your AWS account
  3. Click on the 'Application Activation' tab at the top
  4. Click on 'Generate Key'
    1. Click to view an example screenshot
  5. Copy the Activation Key.
  6. Open another browser tab
  7. Log in to Zmanda Network at
  8. Copy the following link into your address bar, but do not press enter yet.
  9. Replace ######## with the Application Key copied from the AWS portal in step #5 above.
  10. Hit enter and wait for the verification process to complete.

Check if Enhanced Security Configuration (ESC) is enabled on your Windows computer

If you are using Windows, ESC can interfere with the communication between Amazon Web Services and the Zmanda Network. If ESC is enabled, please follow these steps.

  1. Use another machine which has ESC disabled, or
  2.  Disable ESC on the current machine.
    1. Open the Server Manager by going to Start > Server Manager 
    2. Browse to the Security Information section and click Configure IE ESC
    3. In the window that pops up, select "Off" and click OK.
    4. ESC can be re-enabled after ZCB has been downloaded and installed.

Once IE ESC has been disabled or bypassed, Retry the Verification Process

If you still cannot access your ZCB downloads

Then we have encountered an error from which we cannot recover. The only solution is to cancel and retry the purchase.

How to Cancel and Retry Your Purchase

  1. Navigate to this URL:
  2. Cancel the ZCB application purchase.
  3. Click on the "Payment Method" tab and Edit/Add correct payment information.
  4. Follow the steps to Retry the Verification Process above.

If none of the above resolves the problem

Please log into the Zmanda Network and open a support case via the Support tab.