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Error: Validation of Backupset failed. No VSS writer information about the data to be backed up is available.


This article applies to Sharepoint backups only.


  • You are trying to back up Sharepoint
  • Your backup set fails validation with the above error

What's going on?

The VSS writer for Share Point or SQL server are not available or Meta data for Share Point writer is not available.

Running the following commands from an elevated Windows Command Prompt:

  1. vssadmin list writers
    1. If this does not display Share Point VSS writer or SQL VSS writer, see resolution #1 below.
  2. Change your directory to <ZCB directory>/bin/ and run vshadow.exe -wm2 
    1. If this does not display VSS writers metadata information, see resolution #2 below.

Resolution #1

  • Start the Sharepoint writer and/or SQL writer services if they are in the stopped state. 
  • If the Sharepoint writer is in disabled state, re-register it using resolution #2 below.

Resolution #2

  • Re-register Share Point VSS writer by running these commands from an elevated Command Prompt
    • stsadm -o unregisterwsswriter
    • stsadm -o registerwsswriter