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Local backups fail with the following error:

  • Product Subscription has expired. Please renew your subscription or import a valid cloud certificate to continue.

What's going on?

An active subscription is required to perform new backups to cloud or to local disk. If your subscription has expired, all backups will fail.

You can always restore local backups, regardless of subscription status.


To resume backups, you must renew your subscription.

Renew your subscription

To renew, please contact our sales team at After your renewal is confirmed, your backups will begin to work again within 24 hours and no further action will be required.

If your backups do not automatically resume after you resubscribe, you must re-import your account's cloud certificate.

Import your cloud certificate

Visit your account on the Zmanda Network and download your certificate from the Downloads page.

Once you have downloaded your certificate, click Cloud > Import Cloud Certificate in ZCB.