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The Delete All Backups Finished Before... function, found in the File menu, is the best way to delete large amounts of data.

It can also be used to delete data that was uploaded from other machines on your account, even if those machines are no longer in service. 

Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1: Click File > Delete All Backups Finished Before

The Delete All Backups Finished Before function is found in the File menu.

Step 2: Choose a date

ZCB will scan for all backups before midnight on the selected date in the current time zone.

Step 3: Choose location

Backups can be deleted from local disk, from the cloud, or from both.

Step 4: Select server and backup set

Data can be deleted from the current server or a remote server on the same account.

Likewise, data can be deleted for all backup sets for the selected server or for one specific backup set.

The exact name of the server and/or backup set must be given. Server and backup set names can be found on your dashboard.

Step 5: Confirm choices 

Press the OK button. ZCB will scan for backup runs to delete, and a progress window will appear.

Please be patient, as this can take a long time.

A full list of all matching backup runs will be displayed once the scan is complete.

Step 6: Begin Deletion

Click the Delete Now button to begin the deletion. A progress bar will appear. 

Deletion can take a long time. Please be patient. 

A confirmation will appear once the data has been deleted.