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It is sometimes necessary to move backups from one location to another on disk. The Move Local Backups function, found in the Tools Menu, ensures that ZCB can locate, manage, and restore local backups after they have been moved.

Local backups should not be moved manually in Windows Explorer. 

How to move local backups

Step 1: Click Tools > Move Local Backups

The move local backups function is found in the Tools menu, and can also be accessed via the CTRL+ALT+M keyboard shortcut.

Step 2: Choose a destination folder

Backups for the currently selected backup set will be moved to the folder of your choice. Local disks and network locations can be used. 


All requirements for backup to network drives must be met. Please see How to use external or mapped network drives with ZCB and How to use a NAS device with ZCB for more information.

The local storage setting for the selected backup set will be updated automatically when the Move Local Backups operation ends. Future local backups for the backup set will be saved to the new folder selected in this step. 


Local storage location before backups are moved:

Local storage location after backups are moved:

Step 3: Start the Move Local Backups operation

Press OK after you have selected a destination folder. A progress bar will appear.

A success message will appear when the move operation has finished. It includes a reminder that the local backup folder has been updated.