Upon installation, ZCB creates a new local user named amandabackup, and users are given the choice to make amandabackup a local user or a domain user.

For fine-grained access control, ZCB uses amandabackup for performing all backup related tasks.

What does amandabackup do?

amandabackup is used for nearly every ZCB function, including:

  • Scheduling operations such as backup, upload, download, and restore.
  • Starting operations triggered manually.
  • Accessing encryption certificates.
  • Storing encryption passphrases.
  • Accessing mapped network drives.
  • Running background services.

ZCB creates amandabackup with administrator privileges, which are required for backup-related tasks.

Windows domains and amandabackup

If you intend to run ZCB in a domain environment, amandabackup should be created as a domain user during installation.

Please see How to use external or mapped network drives with ZCB, if you plan to backup networked mapped drives in a Windows Domain environment.

Additional information about amandabackup

To update the amandabackup user password, please see How to update the amandabackup user password.