Zmanda Cloud Backup creates the amandabackup user during installation. This user is used for backup and restoration, and is critical to the process.

The amandabackup user is created on the domain by default if a domain is detected. Users can choose to create the user locally instead. If no domain is detected, amandabackup is created locally.

If it is ever necessary to change from a local amandabackup user to a domain amandabackup user, please follow these directions.

Option 1: Allow the installer to create the domain amandabackup user

The installer can take care of amandabackup account creation, even on a domain.

On any machine that is currently running ZCB, do the following:

  1. Uninstall ZCB.
  2. During uninstallation, you will be asked if you wish to preserve configuration details.
  3. Say yes to preserve configuration details.
  4. Re-install ZCB.
  5. During installation you will be asked to create the amandabackup user account.
    1. Be sure to choose the domain option.

If there are additional machines that run ZCB, please repeat steps 1-4 on each machine. On step 5, you will be asked to provide the password for the existing domain amandabackup account.

Option 2: Add the domain amandabackup user manually

Create amandabackup in Active Directory

On the domain controller:

Once the account is created on the domain, we must force ZCB to use the domain amandabackup user for the ZCB Services.

Change the ZCB Services to use the new domain amandabackup user

Do the following on every system that needs to use the new domain amandabackup user.

If the password for the domain amandabackup user is identical to the password for the original local amandabackup user account, no further steps are necessary.

If the password is not the same, do the following.